Mobile Video Monetization: Are people willing to pay for mobile video?

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Data Highlights

  • Paying mobile video viewers make up a small niche (16%) and are more likely to be men (19%).
  • Long form viewers are most likely to pay for mobile video (23%).
  • East Asian viewers most likely to get paid mobile video (26%) followed by North Americans (23%).
  • People would watch free video with ads (78%) instead of paying to get rid of ads (23%).
  • Viewers in North America (26%), East Asia (26%), & Pacific region (26%) would pay to get rid of ads.

Long form video viewers are most likely to pay

Paying for mobile video is a niche behavior. Less than one in five (16%) viewers have paid for mobile video. Paying for mobile video tends to skew male. Male viewers are more likely to pay (19%) than women (13%). Heavy viewers of long form video are the most likely to pay. More than one in five (23%) of long form viewers paid to watch video on mobile.

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Paid mobile video viewership beats the global average in North America and East Asia. More than a quarter (26%) of viewers in East Asia have paid to watch mobile video. Almost one in four (23%) viewers in the US and Canada have paid for a mobile video.

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The payment could be a one-time fee to download a video file and watch it on mobile. Cloud based services allow viewers to download on one device but watch it across many. The payment could also be a subscription fee to gain access to a library. Monthly and annual subscriptions give viewers access to existing and new content.

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Mobile viewers would watch ads to avoid paying

Almost four in five (78%) viewers are willing to watch an ad instead of paying for a video. Viewers in Latin America are the least willing to pay. More than four in five (82%) Latin American viewers won’t pay for an ad-free video experience. Just under three quarters (74%) of viewers in the US and Canada would settle for ads instead of paying.

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Less than a quarter (23%) of viewers are willing to pay for an ad-free video experience. Viewers prefer to pay a monthly subscription fee to buying videos. Less than one in ten (8%) prefer buying individual files. In comparison, 15% of viewers would pay to subscribe on a monthly basis. Viewers in North America, East Asia, and Australia & New Zealand are most willing to pay. In all three markets, just over a quarter (26%) of viewers would pay for an ad-free video experience.

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