Mobile Video Influence: What impacts decision to watch mobile video?

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Data Highlights

  • People watch mobile videos to kill time when free (41%), to unwind (38%) or relax after work (31%).
  • People are also motivated to watch mobile videos if they have been waiting for the video (32%).
  • People watch music videos (49%) and short viral videos (49%) on smartphones.
  • People watch full TV show episodes (23%) and full-length movies (21%) on mobile.
  • North American viewers watch music video (57%), funny virals (60%), and movie trailers (55%).
  • Funny virals drive short form video in US & Canada (60%) & Australia & New Zealand (59%).
  • Consumers would choose watching funny virals (22%) to music (16%) or sports videos (11%).
  • Viewers prefer funny virals in US & Canada (25%) & Australia & New Zealand (30%).
  • Consumers in the US & Canada are most likely to watch full TV episodes on their mobile devices (30%).
  • East Asian consumers lead in watching full-length movies on their mobile devices (34%).

Leisure and relaxation influence decision to watch

A person’s state of mind is the primary driver in their decision to watch mobile video. Viewers turn to mobile video when they are free or want to loosen up.

More than two in five (41%) viewers watch mobile video when they have nothing to do. More than a third (38%) watch it when they are in the mood to unwind. Just over three in ten (31%) watch mobile video to relax after work or school assignment.

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People rarely have a functional agenda behind watching mobile video. Less than a third (32%) look forward to online videos. They tend to be loyal followers of the online channel or celebrity. Less than a quarter (24%) look up videos relevant to their hobbies and interests.

A small niche turns to mobile video shunning television content. Just over one in five (22%) watch content that is not available on TV. Another one in five (20%) watch mobile video because they don’t have a TV subscription.

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Mobile viewers influenced by length of video

Once in the right state of mind to watch a mobile video, viewers pay attention to length of the video. Mobile viewers favor short form music videos to longer ones.

Music videos, funny virals, and movie trailers are the top three most watched categories. All three types of videos tend to be five minutes or less on average. Just under half of all viewers prefer music video (49%) and funny short virals (49%). More than two in five (41%) opt for movie trailers. All three categories are ideal for people who want to kill some free time or relax after work.

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Viewers in US and Canada are the most likely to turn to short form videos. Three in five (60%) watch funny viral shorts ahead of music videos (57%) and movie trailers (55%).

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The trend is similar in the English speaking market of Australia and New Zealand. Almost three in five (59%) watch funny viral shorts. Music videos (51%) rank second and movie trailers (46%) rank third.

If given a choice, people prefer funny short virals to music videos. More than one in five (22%) prefer watching short virals. In comparison only 16% would pick music videos and just over one in ten (11%) opt for sports.

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Funny viral shorts have a more human element that viewers relate to. They are also popular among peers and make for ideal conversation starters.

Preference for funny virals over music video is prominent in the US and Canada. A quarter (25%) of viewers prefer watching funny virals on mobile. In comparison, only 15% prefer watching music videos.

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The differences are more prominent in Australia in New Zealand. Three in ten (30%) Aussies and Kiwis prefer watching funny viral videos. Just over one in ten (12%) lean towards watching music videos.

Long form videos are popular among a small viewer niche. Just over one in five viewers watch full TV show episodes (23%) and full-length movies (21%). The US leads in TV show mobile viewership.

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Three in ten (30%) American viewers watch full TV episodes on their mobile. East Asia leads in mobile viewership of movies. More than a third (34%) of East Asian viewers watch full-length movies on their mobile.

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