Mobile Video Consumption: How, when, and where do people watch mobile videos?

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Data Highlights

  • Consumers prefer apps (48%) to websites (18%) to watch mobile videos.
  • US lag behind other regions in adopting mobile apps for video consumption (44%).
  • Mobile video peaks at prime time i.e. 8 to 11 pm across all regions including US & Canada (48%).
  • US & Canada start peaking earlier (48% at 5PM-8PM) than other regions.
  • Home is top location to watch mobile videos globally (78%) and in the US & Canada (89%).
  • Viewers in the US & Canada watch mobile videos at other people’s home (37%) and work (33%).

Mobile viewers prefer apps to watch videos

People prefer to apps over mobile websites because it saves them time. Apps are also faster and easier to use. You can find data on app preference in The Mobile App Experience report.

Almost half (48%) of viewers watch mobile video on apps. Less than one in five (18%) viewers watch mobile video on a browser. Just over one in five (22%) say they use both.

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Mobile viewers across all regions prefer apps to website. Latin American viewers (52%) are the most likely to prefer apps. Viewers in Australia & New Zealand (49%) and East Asia (49%) come next. Viewers in the US and Canada are least likely to prefer apps (44%).

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Viewers turn to mobile at prime time

Mobile video viewing peaks during prime time – 8pm to 11pm. This is true for all regions. Just over half (51%) of East Asian viewers watch mobile video during prime time. Almost half of viewers in Latin America (44%) and Europe (45%) also tune in at prime time.

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The trend holds true for North America. Almost half (48%) of North American viewers watch mobile video during prime time. Viewers in the US and Canada tune in earlier than others. Mobile video viewership between 5pm and 8pm (48%) is at prime time levels. Viewers in Australia and New Zealand tune in earlier similar to North American viewers. Just over two in five (42%) viewers start watching between 5pm and 8pm. This increases to almost half (47%) of all viewers during prime time.

Mobile viewers watch videos in their homes

People prefer watching mobile videos at home. This is due to lack of 4G or fear of exceeding 4G data limit. Home offers wireless connection that is faster, reliable, and already paid for.

More than three quarters (78%) of viewers watch mobile video in their homes. Less than a quarter of viewers watch it at someone else’s home (24%) or at work (24%). Less than one in five (17%) watch the videos at school or college.

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Viewers in the US and Canada are most likely to watch mobile video at home. Almost nine in ten (89%) have watched mobile video at home. Mobile viewership at home is above global average in East Asia (82%) and the Pacific region (81%).

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