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“Quite exhaustive status info on mobile. The consumer journey insights for apps and wallets was an ideal starting point to design our customer experience strategy.”Charlie Olson, Mobile Customer Experience Professional
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This report will reveal why people prefer smartphones over other digital devices, how it keeps them connected, drives their productivity and makes them feel happy as well as grateful about the device.
  1. Introduction
  2. Smartphones: The Most Valued Digital Device
    • Smartphone ownership surpasses desktop as half of all consumers own a tablet
    • Generation X catches up with millennials in smartphone and tablet ownership
    • US Consumers value smartphones above all digital devices
  3. Smartphones: Still not as important as people, pets & memories
    • US consumers value their relationships more than gadgets
    • Women and older consumers more likely to perceive tablets as important
  4. Smartphones: Keeping people connected, productive, and happy
    • Smartphones make consumers feel productive and happy
    • Consumers use smartphone to get help with health, finance and job search
    • Consumers use smartphones at home, at work and everywhere in between for news and commute
    • Smartphones help people meet others they want to meet, avoid those they want to avoid and deal with boredom when alone
    • Consumers more likely to value smartphones after an emergency or facing trouble in absence of the device
  5. Smartphones: Driving Mobile Consumer Culture
    • Consumers complement desktops and laptops with smartphones and tablets as millennials drive mobile-only trend
    • Mobile devices drive growth of digital time spent by consumers
    • Mobile beats desktop & laptop in photo, game & social media consumption
    • Emerging tribes of the US Mobile Consumer Culture
  1. US consumer digital device ownership – 2013 vs 2014
  2. US consumer digital device ownership by demographic
  3. US consumer most valued digital device – 2013 vs 2014
  4. US consumer most valued digital device by demographic
  5. US consumer’s perceived importance of people & objects
  6. Consumer’s perceived importance of people & objects by gender
  7. Consumer’s perceived importance of people & objects by age
  8. US consumer emotional response to life with a smartphone
  9. US consumer emotional response to smartphone by age
  10. US consumer smartphone usage by purpose
  11. US consumer smartphone usage by purpose and age group
  12. US consumer smartphone usage by location
  13. US consumer smartphone usage for news and community info
  14. US consumer smartphone usage for local commute
  15. US consumer smartphone usage by everyday reason
  16. US consumer smartphone usage by reason across age groups
  17. US consumer feeling towards smartphone ownership and usage
  18. US consumer smartphone usage during an emergency
  19. US consumer problems caused due to lack of smartphone
  20. US consumer device ownership & usage by age group
  21. US consumer growth in digital time spent by device 2010 – 2014
  22. US consumer time spent on content category by device
  23. US Smartphone Gamers and Search Users
  24. US Smartphone Social Networking Usage – Facebook & Twitter
  25. US Smartphone Video Watchers and Music Listeners
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This report looks into how consumers discover mobile apps, what motivates them to download the apps, and what keeps them coming back to using he app regularly.
  1. Introduction
  2. When and why do consumers pick apps over websites?
    • Convenience, simplicity and efficiency shape choice between app & website
    • Consumers prefer apps for quick access & mobile websites for details
  3. How big is the app market and what’s driving revenues?
    • Mobile app penetration nears saturation as share of app buyers plateau
    • E-books make up biggest share of app revenues, but games are catching up
  4. How do people discover apps and what influences download?
    • Word of mouth is the biggest enabler of mobile app discovery
    • Emotional triggers drive people to download the apps they discover
    • Consumer willingness to pay for apps differs by category
  5. Why are some apps used regularly while others are forgotten?
    • Consumers regularly use social networking, gaming and media apps
    • Consumers prefer apps that benefit their lives after a short learning curve
    • Consumers are most likely to forget about travel and holiday apps
    • Consumers remember apps when they interact with the brand offline
    • Consumers abandon apps that struggle to hold their interest & stay relevant
  6. How can apps re-engage lost users?
    • Discounts re-engage lost users but recommendation grows engagement
    • Discounts are effective in winning back users for retail, travel & local apps
  7. How can mobile apps grow user loyalty?
    • Mobile apps that reach out to users boost their long-term loyalty
    • Mobile messenger users are loyal and frequent users of the app
    • App makers can reach their users on messaging apps
  1. Mobile app vs mobile website preference by usage context
  2. Mobile app vs mobile website preference when given a link
  3. US Mobile App Installers and Penetration, by device
  4. US Mobile App Buyers, by Device
  5. US Mobile Download and In-App Revenues in billions
  6. US Mobile Download and In-App Revenues Share, % of total
  7. Mobile app discovery methods among smartphone owners
  8. Mobile apps discovered using web search by category
  9. Reasons for downloading a mobile app
  10. Reasons for downloading mobile apps by category
  11. Key factors when deciding to download a mobile app
  12. Consumer willingness to pay for mobile apps by category
  13. Mobile apps consumers use daily by type of app
  14. Attributes associated with frequently used apps
  15. Share of mobile apps abandoned after download
  16. Reasons for downloading app – Regularly Used vs Abandoned
  17. Reasons consumers abandon mobile apps
  18. Prompts that can restart usage of abandoned apps
  19. Effect of discount or reward on app re-engagement by category
  20. Average retention rates for apps that do vs do not interact
  21. Average retention rates – Messaging apps vs All apps
  22. Average daily session frequency – Messaging apps vs All apps
  23. US consumers engaging with brands via messengers
  24. US consumer attitude to brand engagement via mobile apps
  25. US consumer willingness to engage with brands on messengers
  26. Mobile user engagement – Messenger apps vs Social apps
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This report will look into why US consumers aren’t warming up to mobile payment services and how mobile wallets can integrate shopping and peer-to-peer transfers to make payments relevant with smartphone owners for wider adoption.
  1. Introduction
  2. Who is driving growth of the us mobile payments market?
    • US mobile payment transaction value will more than double by 2019
    • Multiple device owners are twice as likely to use mobile payments
    • Millennials and generation x drive mobile payment adoption in the us
    • Black and hispanic consumers lead in mobile payment usage
  3. How does mobile compare against other payment options?
    • Cash and card beat mobile across most categories
    • Cash and card perceived as more secure payment options
  4. Which mobile payment services do consumers use?
    • Knowing about a mobile payment service does not mean consumers use it
    • Paypal is the most well know and widely used mobile payment service
  5. How do consumers use mobile payments?
    • Consumers use mobile to pay their bills and pay for their purchases
    • Fashion and luxury ahead of travel and sporting goods in mobile commerce
    • Consumers pay on smartphones or tablets depending on category
    • Consumers spend more on tablets than on smartphones
    • Debit and credit cards fund consumer mobile payments
  6. What is keeping consumers from using mobile payments?
    • The biggest barrier to mobile payment adoption lies in consumer minds
    • Consumers expect mobile to help them shop and replace their wallets
  7. How can mobile wallets make mobile payments relevant?
    • Consumers define mobile wallet as tool to organize marketing content
    • Mobile wallets that integrate marketing also drive revenue
    • Consumers want mobile wallet content, but brands are slow to provide
  8. How can mobile wallets enhance shopper purchase journey?
    • Mobile is already a key part of the shopper’s in-store journey
    • Mobile wallets can bring together the fragmented consumer journey
  9. How do consumers use mobile wallets beyond shopping?
    • Trust drives peer-to-peer transfers between members of one’s social network
  10. Who do consumers trust most to provide a mobile wallet?
    1. Consumers trust banks and credit card brands with their mobile wallets
    2. Consumers trust banks because of experience with mobile banking
    3. Banks can target mobile banking users with wallet services
  1. US mobile payment transactions by type, 2014-2019
  2. US consumer usage of mobile payment, All vs mobile device owners
  3. US mobile payment usage by age group, 2011-2014
  4. US mobile payment usage by ethnicity, 2011-2014
  5. US consumer preferred payment method by transaction type
  6. US consumer cash carrying and spending behavior
  7. US consumer payment methods by sense of security
  8. US consumers’ familiarity with and usage of mobile payment services
  9. US consumers’ familiarity with mobile payment services
  10. US consumers’ usage of mobile payment services
  11. US consumers’ usage of mobile payment by purpose
  12. US consumers mobile payment method at Point-of-Sale
  13. US mobile share of eCommerce transactions by category
  14. US mobile share of eCommerce transactions by device type
  15. US mobile order value compared to $100 spent on desktop
  16. US consumers funding method for mobile payments
  17. US consumers’ reasons for not using a mobile payment service
  18. US consumers’ mobile payment usage by type of user
  19. US consumer future interest in mobile payment activities
  20. US consumer awareness of mobile wallet features
  21. Starbucks weekly mobile app transactions volume in the US
  22. US consumer expectation for mobile wallet content
  23. US consumers in-store smartphone usage by purpose
  24. Consumer feature preferences for mobile digital wallet
  25. US consumers’ mobile wallet usage for peer-to-peer transfer
  26. Venmo monthly mobile app transactions value in the US
  27. US consumer most trusted mobile wallet provider
  28. US consumer mobile banking usage by purpose
  29. US mobile banking usage by age group, 2011-2014
  30. US mobile banking usage by ethnicity, 2011-2014
  31. US consumer access to banking services by means used
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